Kibble Scoutt Mini

by Kibble
Rs. 29,250.00 per unit


Small Janitor Cart with Double Bucket Wringer System with Down Press Wringer 2 x 6 Ltrs Bucket on Top Small Tray on Top 2 x 25 Ltrs Separate Buckets to Segregate Clean & Dirty Water Strong Down Press Wringer Support Bracket for Wringer Polypropylene Base with 4 Castor Wheels, Clip on Wringer for Wet Mop, Clip on Tray for Hanging Tools, Side Support for Dry Mop Hanging frame with Lid for Dostbag, 120 Ltrs Nylon dust Bag


Small Janitor Cart Double Bucket System to Keep Dirty & Clean Water Separate to Maintain Hygiene Standards, For medium to large Area, For wet mopping,

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